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Great Ideas

Oomph is all over brand new ideas, exciting designers and the cool stuff happening in plastic cards right now.

Need inspiration, or just want to see how other Oomph customers do it? Then come and take a look at the latest and greatest.

This months guest designer is Ian Stevenson, whose designs are featured in our free card sample pack.

Every month we sit down with a favourite plastic card designer and get to know them and their designs. Read our chat below.

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"Visually striking, there’s a twisted sense of fun – along with what can only be described as a ridiculous sense of menace - in the work of Ian Stevenson." - Gavin Lucas, Creative Review.

Ian’s commissions include; Tate Modern, Perrier, Paul Smith, MTV, E4 Music and now Oomph. We wanted to know more, cue curve-balls!

Twisted art without pomp, that’s how I describe your work, what’s your take?


Yes that sounds good, I like to cut through the shit and get to the point.

From where do you draw your inspiration?

Just by seeing things in my everyday life and reacting to them.

Which artist do you most admire?

There's this guy called Stevenson or something or whatever, I like his work.

Do you think you will ever been sectioned?

It is a possibility.

Which piece of your work is your favourite?

The more swear words the better.

Who has been the best client to work with?

Most clients let me do my own thing and let me run free through the sunny fields with a flower in my hair and that is brilliant.

Is there a message you are trying to preach?

Open your eyes.

Which question you’ve wish you’d been asked, but haven’t?

Would you buy your own work?

Where would you most like to see your work?

In the bin at Tate Modern.

What has been the reaction to your new Oomph business cards?

People like them very much and I've been giving them to strangers when I travel home after an evening of beer.

You can see Ian’s other work by visiting



Horse is an illustration and design studio based in Liverpool.

Gary has designed album cover artwork for a huge variety of artists including The Pixies, Bjork, Mogwai, The XX, Battles, Dan le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Chilly Gonzales, And So I Watch You From Afar, to name but a few. Possessing an incredible illustrative style, we wanted to know more about the man and of course the Horse.

Read more

Vicki Young, Nalla

Nalla is a young creative agency based in Hoxton.

They are the designers behind The Riding House Café bar tab cards along with some of our showcase examples. We caught up with Nalla’s director Vicki Young to chat about Nalla’s ethos and what inspired the beginnings of Nalla Design.

Read more

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